Central’s Annual Open Day, Dance Days and Preliminary Audition Dates Announced

Central has announced this month its annual Open Day and three Dance Days in cities across the UK for young students to find out more about Central’s professional degree level dance training and the facilities available at the state-of-the-art studios in London.  Each Dance Day will be followed by an opportunity for students to take part in a preliminary audition for a place on the degree course commencing September 2023.

Dance Days are held annually in locations around the UK for young dancers aged 11-16 years who are hoping to pursue full-time vocational training in a Higher Education setting. The one day course is designed to provide a series of sample or taster classes to support participants’ current training, to inform them about life for students on a professional training course, and how to access full-time vocational training with Central School of Ballet. This year Central will hold dance days in three cities across Britain: Glasgow, London, and Leeds.

The Open Day will take place on Sunday 13 November and will be available for students to attend in person at Central’s studios in Southwark and online to accommodate international applicants and those from further afield in the UK who cannot travel to London. The Open Day allows young dancers to discover the content of the ballet-based course at Central through the three years of training with talks from Artistic Director, Kate Coyne, and other key academic and artistic members of staff. Attendees can also watch a First-Year ballet class and a presentation from Third Year students including ballet, contemporary, and pas de deux.   

Preliminary Auditions provide students with a first opportunity to demonstrate skills and talent in front of Kate Coyne, Central’s Artistic Director, and other dance tutors.  If successful, students will then be invited to a final audition next April for places to join the school in September 2023.

Kate Coyne said: “It’s a joy to visit different parts of the UK and abroad and see so many talented young dancers for myself.  We know that young dancers like to talk about the course with some of the people who could be teaching their course in London and learn from taking class with us. We are all looking forward to this year’s audition season.”

Preliminary Auditions:
30 October 2022 – Singapore
3 November 2022 – Osaka, Japan
6 November 2022 – Tokyo, Japan
27 November 2022 – Glasgow, UK
11 December 2022 – Central School of Ballet
29 January 2023 – Central School of Ballet
12 February 2023 – Leeds, UK