Central staff nominated for One Dance UK Awards

Anna Brodrick, Central’s Lead Physiotherapist & Head of Medical Department, the wider Health and Wellbeing team and former Artistic Director Christopher Marney have been nominated for the One Dance UK Awards.

The One Dance UK Awards are an annual celebration for people from across the dance sector to unite, celebrate, acknowledge and reward the people who have made an impact on the vibrant UK dance landscape.

Anna and the rest of her team are nominated for their role in supporting the health of Central’s young dancers. Over the past year, they have worked tirelessly to help students achieve optimal performance both in-person and remotely. Find out more about our health and wellbeing programme here.

Former Artistic Director Christopher Marney is also nominated for the Inspirational Lecturer at College, University or Conservatoire Award for his role in motivating and inspiring the next generation of dancers.

Congratulations to all the nominees.