Central returns to online teaching, training and learning

Students receive classes and tuition online in different time zones to support changed needs

Central School of Ballet’s undergraduate students have returned to a schedule of classes and tuition delivered online while the Covid-19 pandemic hits its third wave in the UK and many countries across the world.  Following the UK Government’s national lockdown directive from early in January 2021, Central is continuing its Centrally Connected programme first implemented in the spring term of 2020.  To support those overseas students who have remained at home this term, Central has arranged a dual timetable; a main timetable with teaching, training and classes for students within the UK and in European countries; and an overseas timetable with teaching, training and classes for students in Japan, Malaysia and Australia accounting for different time zones – meaning a much earlier start for Central’s tutors.

All students take part in a ballet class early in their day – no matter where they are – which replicates the timetable in the undergraduate course across all year groups if Central’s London studios were open.  Everyone has the chance to participate in a daily HIT class (high intensity training), which is proving very popular.  The timetable then includes the usual variety of dance styles that are delivered as part of the course including Jazz, Spanish, Repertoire, Contemporary, and Choreography classes as well as body conditioning such as Pilates.  Those students who need rehabilitation sessions or physiotherapy as part of Central’s Recovery from Injury Programme can make appointments with Central’s specialist tutors and therapists as needed on a one-to-one basis, also all online.  Academic sessions including Study Skills and Dance Studies are also timetabled so that students continue to receive the full course with its range of skills training and learning and knowledge development.

Mark Osterfield, Central’s Executive Director said: “Our priority is to continue to ensure students receive the best teaching and training possible while the pandemic persists.  Central’s students are remarkably resilient to change and learn very quickly to adapt to different circumstances as part of their training to be a professional dancer.  They are all committed to their course and show particular diligence when it comes to class attendance.  This determination to succeed is only matched by Central’s tutors and teaching staff, each one committed to students’ best outcomes.”