Auditions Continue for Central School of Ballet’s Vocational Training

14 December 2023

Applications opened for Central School of Ballet’s undergraduate degree in Professional Dance and Performance at the beginning of October. Students wishing to pursue this vocational training at Central in 2023/24 have been applying from across the country and internationally to secure themselves a preliminary audition at one of eight locations, including Glasgow, Tokyo, Osaka and Singapore. Last week, the first of three auditions held at The Countess of Wessex Studios in the heart of London took place. The day was at full capacity, and many young dancers were welcomed into the Gable Studio where they took class with Central’s tutors in ballet and contemporary.

The upcoming audition days are becoming increasingly busy, and we advise any potential applicants to ensure they book a slot whilst there is still availability. The remaining locations include two days in London, as well as Leeds and Cornwall. Preliminary auditions, although they can be a little scary, are simply an opportunity for prospective students to present their talent and potential to develop. To help dancers prepare for their audition, Central’s audition criteria is accessible on the website. We are keen to ensure that all dancers enter these auditions feeling calm and welcomed, so that they can perform at their very best.

The recruitment campaign is incredibly important to Central, as we want to reach as many aspiring young dancers as possible. An assisted application scheme is therefore designed to offer an additional level of support and guidance to eligible applicants. More information regarding the scheme, with advice on how to apply, can be found here.

Kate Coyne, Central’s Artistic Director, attended the preliminary auditions in Japan and Singapore in November, and was thrilled to see the emerging talent auditioning to join Central. “Every year we take an incredibly detailed and precise approach during recruitment, and with the raw talent displayed in auditions it is always challenging to select just 45 dancers to train full-time at our studios in London.” Kate will continue attending auditions when they recommence in January.

Dancer’s wishing to study at Central are reminded that they can also submit their application through a video audition. This is open to international applicants as well as UK applicants who are unable to attend an in-person audition. The only eligibility criteria to submit an application online, is that dancers must be at least 16 years of age as of 1 September 2024. Video auditions will then be examined with the same detail and care that in-person auditions are subject to, and successful applicants will subsequently be invited to participate in an online group interview.

Here at Central, we would like to wish all individuals attending an in-person audition or applying online the best of luck with their application. We make it a priority to welcome everyone who auditions and introduce them to what life at Central is like for both UK and international students. We also encourage all applicants to get in touch with us should they need any additional support or have any questions or concerns.