After the Summer comes Autumn; thoughts from Central’s Head of Medical Services

As students return to school full of energy and thoughts of the term ahead, our feelings may range from excitement to fear and everything in-between.

In the summer the sun provides energy to stimulate us to recharge and renew, with the time to rest in the break.  Autumn brings change, the sunshine becomes weaker, and the colours of fading trees appear as we go back to school and return to work. Nature has an advanced method of capturing the summer’s energy, turning it into a flower, its pollen, honey, fruit, and different colours. As individuals this is a good point to take a moment to reflect on how we capture energy and then what we do with it afterwards.

As we return to training at Central and start to think about what we want to achieve in the next academic year, here are some questions  designed as a stimulus for your own wellbeing and those in your year group or your community.

  • Do we waste our energy, or do we turn into something different like nature?
  • Do we focus our energy too much on activities and somehow the intensity robs us of joy?
  • Do we share our energy and shine, so those around us benefit?
  • Is our energy positive or negative?

Great dancers are not great just because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.  Martha Graham, the influential American dancer, teacher, and choreographer, is a great example of a passionate storyteller.  She believed that dance, like the spoken drama, can explore the spiritual and emotional essence of human beings.

Energy fuels passion, passion is the driver of growth and success.

As we embark on a full timetable of intense training, let our focus and efforts be positively energised.  Take time to think about how to keep your energy levels high even when tiredness creeps in. Sleep well, eat well and train well:  the result will be contagious energy and passion.

Passion will lead to confidence and bravery. Being brave in the studio and working outside of your comfort zones takes a very conscious step, it takes a lot of energy but this is how we achieve, this is success. Be Brave!

So enjoy these last few days of the summer sunshine before we find ourselves firmly settled into Autumn, think about your energy and start to use that energy to drive your passion.

Pictured: Central alumna Ella Slingsby. Photography credit: Jon Raffoul Dance Photography