We recruit on talent and potential and want students to join Central irrespective of financial means, but the need for bursaries to help students in financial need continues to increase, with 50% of our students applying for financial help last year. This need is likely to grow, particularly with the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on young people, especially those from less advantaged backgrounds.

Donations of all sizes to our bursary fund make such a difference to our students, often enabling them to continue to study at Central.


Your help is needed to help our talented dancers fund the cost of training and living in London, one of Europe’s most influential cultural centres. In addition to tuition fees and maintenance costs, dance training includes specific expenditure such as compulsory annual health insurance (approximately £1490 for private medical insurance), and the uniform, dance shoes and specialist equipment required for students to train safely in the studio and reach their potential.

For example, our school uniform costs approximately £400 – £600 per student.

“Receiving a bursary has decreased the financial strain and made it possible for me to continue my training, giving me the best opportunity possible to pursue a career in dance. I am extremely grateful. “