Spring Time Wellbeing

Now we’ve entered spring, we can look forward to longer hours of sunlight and warmer weather to come.  This means the end of a hibernation tunnel for many people.  While Central’s dancers, like the general population, will need to continue to adhere to COVID restrictions including social distancing and mask-wearing as part of daily life, we will soon see the seasonal weather changes as a stimulation of renewed energy. Our dancers are fortunate to be returning to the studio to train and rehearse firstly in Herbal Hill, and then soon in our new home in Southwark in the Countess of Wessex Studios.

Anna Brodrick, Central’s Head Physiotherapist & Head of Medical Department, makes these suggestions to make the most of spring:

“Just like the fresh green spring leaves or the bright yellow daffodils, increasing contact with others in small steps as we come out of lockdown drives new energy and renewal. It may not be quite beach weather just yet, but during the spring season we can create moments and opportunities to support our wellbeing.  Try enjoying a walk outside, notice the sky and the new growth on shrubs and the emergence of spring flowers.  Feel the morning sunshine on your face before starting class or work for the day. Not only is the feeling good but there is good reason and solid science behind the benefits of sunlight and the production of vitamin D on our bodies. Vitamin D positively impacts our immune system, teeth and bones. It helps absorbency of other important vitamins.  A simple walk outside, even if it’s not sunny is still beneficial. The positive effects of being outdoors, a simple yet such a powerful force of nature, have been know about for centuries.”

Anna continues with advice specifically for Central’s dancers, but relevant to all of us: “If you can take a breath or create a moment to be still and quieten your thoughts, the mindful act of being present can really help process feelings of stress, worries or concerns. With every week that passes, we can hopefully gain confidence and progress, from a period of dancing in our homes to being together, making positive steps in the studio with significant progression and the excitement and optimism that brings.”

For more information about the benefits of sunlight:  Chasing the Sun: The New Science of Sunlight and How it Shapes Our Bodies and Minds by Linda Geddes, Published by the Wellcome Collection


For more information on mindfulness: https://www.nhs.uk/mental-health/self-help/tips-and-support/mindfulness/

For more information on walking for health: https://www.walkingforhealthandfitness.com/blog/walking-for-health-and-fitness