Research and Scholarship Day Announced at Central

Central will run its second Research and Scholarship Day for teaching staff, dance and expert tutors in the dance industry and those at similar vocationally-oriented schools at the Countess of Wessex Studios on 20th July. The aim is to provide a space for all to reflect on the experiences of the dance studio and develop new knowledge from embodied practice.

Dr Sandie Bourne, whose field of research specialises in the historic underrepresentation of Black professionals in the British ballet industry, will deliver a keynote presentation and provide a reference point for other research being presented and stimulate resulting discussions. The diverse specialisms of contributors aim to complement the research and reflections presented by Central staff in areas such as the art of dance pedagogy, creative collaborations and training applications of dance science.

Jamieson Dryburgh, Central’s Director of Higher Education said: “Central understands how important it is to be involved in research-led teaching as it enables our pedagogical approaches to evolve and expand such that the learning experience of our students is continuously enhanced. The aim is to share what we know about learning to dance, to ask questions of each other about what we do and together to explore ways to enhance the learning experience for professional dance students.”