Central Students Excel at the Youth America Grand Prix in Italy

Central students Misa Noguchi and Jamie Cooper, both in their second year at the school, recently saw great success at the December 2021 Youth America Grand Prix competition in Italy, yagp.org. The two students worked closely with their tutors at Central in order to prepare for this prestigious dance competition. The Grand Prix is a renowned organisation supporting the development of world-class dancers from age 9-19. The event provides the opportunity for students, teachers, schools, and companies to come together and discover the talented young dancers that will soon be joining the professional dance world.



Jamie Cooper was recognised throughout the competition for his excellent performance of ballet and contemporary variations. Jamie was accepted to the scholarship class where he was in the final six of the Senior Men’s category and the final 12 of the Junior and Senior Men combined. Next summer, Jamie will be attending the Youth America Grand Prix Ballet Festival, after being awarded a scholarship at the competition in Italy. Speaking about his experience, Jamie said: “The competition was an incredible and unforgettable experience. It was inspiring to work with such great teachers from all over the world and to have the opportunity to work with other talented students in the classes.”


Misa Noguchi was also distinguished in Italy after performing impressive solos in both the classical and contemporary style. Misa’s demonstration of musicality and technical excellence was appreciated by the judges who placed her in the top 12 women at the competition.  In recognition of her performance, Misa has been awarded summer intensive scholarships with the Bolshoi Ballet School and European Ballet School. Misa thanked her tutors at Central for preparing her for the contest, saying: “I am very grateful to Central for giving me this opportunity and to my ballet tutor Resmi for leading me to the top 12.”