A word from incoming Artistic Director, Kate Coyne

As we enjoy settling into the new Countess of Wessex Studios in the South Bank arts community, Central School of Ballet is uniquely placed to train young talent now and into the future.  Central identifies as a school that celebrates classical ballet as a relevant art form and embraces a core commitment to producing excellent, thinking dancers.  In recognising that ballet companies have expanded their field of potential, and that their Artistic Directors are leading the way in working with a diverse range of choreographic talent, our work at Central is poised to reflect the range of skills that are needed by companies.  As one of the oldest and richest forms of dance, ballet has always grown and evolved with society.  By maintaining classical training as the basis of our approach, we train our young dancers at Central to meld the history and grandeur of classical technique with the modern ideals of individuality and versatility.  My conversations within the industry, and with those individuals that employ talent, show that there is a really exciting future for all of our dance students.  This includes those who want to join classical companies, or any other career path from the range of opportunities that are on offer in the UK and abroad.  Using vocational training in parallel with a first class degree course, the dancers have a tool kit that enables them to put in to practice their knowledge whilst performing with the unparalleled offer of Ballet Central and its annual tour.  The result is that Central’s dancers leave the school feeling confident that they are industry ready and prepared for their future careers.

Kate Coyne, Artistic Director of Central School of Ballet